… this side of paradise..

SHE: You’re not sentimental?

HE: No, I’m romantic–a sentimental person thinks things will last–a
romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t. Sentiment is

SHE: And you’re not? (With her eyes half-closed.) You probably flatter
yourself that that’s a superior attitude.

HE: Well–Rosalind, Rosalind, don’t argue–kiss me again.

SHE: (Quite chilly now) No–I have no desire to kiss you.

HE: (Openly taken aback) You wanted to kiss me a minute ago.

SHE: This is now.


One response to “… this side of paradise..

  • be

    so… you’re a romantic person? really?
    I hope you can show me that if I fly to you this year… or whenever I do it… (you know I will)
    I must confess I do love this dialogue, maybe we can play it sometime…
    (with my personal end, of course)
    love you publish again : P


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